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The Satanic Cult Abuse and Gang Stalking are Real

The Satanic Cult Abuse and Gang Stalking are Real

Duncan O'Finioan  |  O'Finioan's Blog 8,190 views
February 9, 2012
The Articulate and Intelligent Sarah Stanga — MK ULTRA, Satanic Cult Abuse, and Gang Stalking Survivor. Click photo for her blog.

A short time ago I was contacted by a friend on the Project Avalon forum asking me to look into the case of Sarah Stanga. I was unaware of who she was, and did not know that a video had been released with a four hour interview of her. The friend also asked if there was anything I could do to help her.

I sat down and watched the video and contacted her almost immediately. I was very happy to discover that we have another voice speaking out against the unconscionable abuses of children by high level rotten people who use mind control, torture, and black magic among other things to manipulate, control and use the abilities of intelligent and psychic children like Sarah Stanga.

The evil powers that be took a major hit to their collective nuts when Ms. Stanga came forward.

She is one of the few people who have had the bravery and perseverence to come forth and rip the lid off the secret goings on of the Illuminati. Though the man interviewing her was quite a bit too aggressive in his treatment of her, particularly when she was covering some of the more deeply personal and sensitive subject matters such as rape and torture, she was able to convey her story extremely clearly and coherently.

I highly recommend that you watch her interview and also her video blogs. In them, she reveals being used as a “soul singer” at various black rituals, some of which included no less than Prince Charles, Camilla, and other members of the royal family. Yes, you read that right.

Astrology a Main Factor

All children selected to be part of these sorts of projects and rituals are chosen for a reason. Sarah talks about why she was chosen, which was partly because her forced and traumatic birth happened to coincide with the holiday of a particular goddess and her astrological chart is comprised of mostly the fire element.

While I have never met Sarah personally (that I remember), I can corroborate or at least validate this part of her story because the same thing was done to Duncan and myself. They analyzed our birth charts and discovered, among other things, that the charts indicated an optimal pairing for the two of us.

If you overlay our charts, they are almost completely symmetrical (and oddly in the shape of a heart), but the list of factors that make us astrologically a good pair is very long and there are still some things I am sure we don’t even know about.

Also, my own chart has an extremely large proportion of the element of water in it, which is one of the reasons why I was used so much in Project Seagate, which I have not talked publicly about as of yet. It may also explain who I was involved so much in the genetic breeding of humans and sea animal hybrids.

Sarah Stanga is the Real Deal

I wanted to do a post about Sarah partly because in the interview with her it is mentioned loudly and often that her story cannot be confirmed or backed up which is not exactly true. And I want to go publicly on the record to say that I believe she is telling the truth, and we want to support her and assist with getting her story out, especially since we have so many survivors following the blog.

The more we understand how the bad guys operate, the better we can come up with solutions for shifting the balance of power and regaining our freedom.

This is one reason why Sarah’s information is so valuable. It gives us priceless intelligence into the very inside-est of inside workings that no one has yet revealed in other interviews.

Sarah herself has stated numerous times in public and privately that she is anxious for people to do the research and check her story out and help validate it (So often, I wonder why people think that asking the lab rats for their lab reports and files and paperwork of the experiments performed upon them makes any kind of sense. Surprisingly, they neglected to give us hard copies breaking down the hows and whys of our torture and terrorization).

Looking to the Future

I am incredibly impressed with the amount of wisdom and insight that Sarah has provided into the plight of the scores of thousands who have been used in satanic rituals by evil people.

And I use the term “people” loosely. Most of you should know that the top of the proverbial food chain ain’t human. But that’s a story for another day.

I highly recommend that those who are MK ULTRA survivors as well as those who are interested in truth and learning about the seamy underbelly of the dark individuals who are attempting to orchestrate the world’s downfall pay close attention to this blog. There are so few people with the intelligence and courage to come forward, despite tremendous resistance and harassment, to reveal the crucial details of these satanic rituals and lifestyle. Sarah Stanga is one of those brave people.

Sarah has been subject to all kinds of torture and harassment which continues and has even escalated of late with her coming forward. She has paid a very large price to bring YOU this information. She is subject to astral and electronic attack, being followed, having complete strangers accost her and scream at her in public, and being messed with on every level — mental, emotional, psychic and physical.

Know that the information we all bring you comes at a steep cost. Though suffering with a severe case of PTSD, Sarah is nonetheless continuing to reveal not only what was done to her, but her real-world solutions as to how she deals with it and triumphs over her torturers. She is to be commended.

Check out Sarah Stanga’s blog!

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8 comments so far

  1. JP

    Hang in there Sarah !

    You will find very soon the help that you’ve asked. We will post your blog and send it to as many people as possible.

    We are with you on that struggle,thanks for sharing with us.

  2. patty brey

    Thank you Sarah for telling your story. It must be very difficult for you but God is on your side. Some websites:david icke, alex jones, infowars, prisonplanet, (he does exorcisms at the Vatican). May you overcome your experiences and be successful in exposing all of this evil and those involved. Patty

  3. Helen

    Though with no personal experience, except my husband who was tampered with by mind control experimenters in Montreal in the 1970’s, we never really explored what may have happened to him until 20 years ago, when these MK-Ultra accounts started coming out in alternative media - and we learned a lot. Now I realize that these mind control techniques, from experiments conducted, are being used. Look at so-called ‘police brutality’, in epidemic proportions around the world. These poor law enforcement officers are programmed, and go in for periodic training to strengthen the programming - and it is the same programming around the world now, particularly in North America, and the U.K. “Stop resisting” is a Mantra used to kick-start the violence among the police officers. No one is resisting when 3-6 cops are on top of them. It is a signal for violence. They become like a pack of mad dogs - to maim, and possibly kill the victim. You see, the global plan is to dominate and exterminate, and storm-trooper local police is the product, the cream-of-the-crop, provided by brainwashing experts. We must know the enemy is right now in our midst. As my husband said of a friend of ours in the Ontario Provincial Police, ‘but he’s a nice guy.’ Exactly, they are all ‘nice guys’ until the mental switch makes them into programmed robots. A lady I know didn’t like it when her son switched from being a poorly paid personal trainer to being inducted into the Canadian police also. He cut off almost all contact with her after graduating from the police academy - you see she was very outspoken about the global conspiracy. Then I believe she was targetted with a microwave weapon. She had a major stroke, and she has been stuck away for two years in a nursing home with no therapy provided. Her son has never visited her. The State wanted their investment in this young man protected, and his mother started making waves when she knew what her son had been involved in during the Vancouver Olympics. Get it? She was destroyed to protect their investment in him. And her son was always skeptical about the alternative info she had been giving him, as was the rest of her family. I have been reading and watching all the websites and videos @Patty Brey — It is no longer enough to expose the evil. It is too late, too late, too late for that.

  4. Helen

    Postscript to my above comment/don’t want to post again, and I apologize, but this is so important to everybody really. I must add, regarding the story of my friend whom I believe was targetted by a microwave weapon (DEW - Directed Energy Weapon) - she was also very vocal in her community and among friends in protesting against the installation of cell phone towers in the lovely rural, high hilly area where she lived in Ontario, Canada. This is crucial, because the cell phone towers are part of the new mind control grid, which my friend and I feared might be the case back in 2002. Here’s are three quotes from an expert:

    “As I have stated in several recent articles, my reporting indicates that the nationwide cell tower- mounted microwave radio frequency directed energy weapon system - is under the operational command and control of the prime cyber-security contractor to the federal government, Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Global Solutions, whose Mission and Combat Support Solutions central command is located in Norristown, Montgomery County, PA.”

    “Published literature also indicates that various forms of electromagnetic weaponry are in the hands of various military and intelligence agencies and commands, ranging from the HAARP atmospheric research facility in Alaska to state and local police forces, some of which may be equipped with microwave weapons ranging from acoustic “sonic scream” devices to so-called ‘active denial systems’ ostensibly intended for crowd control.”

    “This cell tower attack network has been deployed under the cover of ‘national security,’ apparently as a means to instantly and covertly disable electronic devices that could be used as weapons by terrorists or hostile forces. The technology requires a continuous radar stream of microwave energy — meaning that the entire population of the United States is being bathed in microwave emissions every minute of every hour of every day.”

    This man’s extensive articles are at these links. Copy them out for future use, and to share:

    The expert also stated:

    “I have solid reason to believe that elected officials in the Obama administration are now aware that the domestic directed energy weapon (DEW) system is being used against extrajudicially targeted American citizens to silently torture, impair, subjugate and, yes, slow-kill them.”

    As for myself in Canada, I believe that this is not a ‘USA police state problem.’ The modus operandi now going forward knows no borders. Everyone is at risk. There are accounts of people suffering these attacks around the globe.

    But it is beyond the level also of individual stories of injustice and abuse. World events, large-scale human tragedies, and wars - perhaps the true ‘war to end all wars’ - are being orchestrated by attacks on leaders and politicians. It is not only blackmail. Those who cannot be blackmailed to obey, or bribed to obey, or who refuse to submit to threats to sell-out their countries — these key people are right now suffering in silence, and paying the price, in ways we cannot imagine.

  5. wayne carlson

    I am most sorry to say that the story of sarah being presented in part two video base 10 is self evident. The children having their feet chopped off and then sarah being congradulated for participating, there is more to this. She was being congradulated because she is the one who chopped the feet of the children. Sorry sarah but you know way to much. You were carrying a weapon. You did it.

  6. Here to Love

    I cannot get her blog out of my head. I was used for experiments of “reception testing”, abducted my entire life for breeding programs. I can’t remember most of the details, but for a while I was part of a brain washing campaign where they tried to convince me that they were “protecting” humanity by regulating children’s inventions, games, and thoughts. After some terribly unkind treatment of child geniuses (I was then in my early teens), and witnessing mind alterations (all energetic, that changed the way the brain fired and connected to the recall of information or areas of the brain that generated this genius)I told the group that was “educating” me, to go to hell, that I was done and they were no longer allowed to have access to me. I missed the rides in UFO’s and being privy to the movement of the unseen worlds of in-between spaces… but I still prefer to this day to cut off all communication with all the meddling dudes, good and bad, because I have my own life to live. Except it’s starting to trickle back into my memory and I’m at the point where I am looking at taking the next step to all this… to help myself. To help others. To evolve spiritually. And to help the planet and the collective here, as best as possible. Peace Sarah. I hope to meet you one day. Love to you and all of us working to anchor Love and Truth.

  7. Baybunie

    This is what gang stalking is…

    YouTube: Message to Americans - A Critical Appraisal

    YouTube: Robert Naeslund Mind Control Victim

    And check out:

    The Silent Massacre (Parts 1-6, Law Enforcement Complicity in Electronic Torture & Mind Control in America)

    These links, however, do not address the complicity of psychiatrist, researchers and others with for profit motivations.

  8. Lewis


    This stuff is real, but the stuff about lizards &that is all bull. Its mixing the absurd online so reality of the situation is clouded. The elite do this on purpose to make those looking into their gangstalking, which is Freemason run. Freemasons are the tool of the so called ‘illuminati’ which is a name again to sound over the top,their real name is the Bilderberg. Type this into google. Also in the UK i am not sure if Tony Gosling is MI6. Its basically a system to get those against the sick hidden secret societies out of their way. They use the mental health industry to do this. They have spent a long time getting their members into key positions of goverment & other useful sectors. Also they create movies like ‘a beautiful mind’ This fantasy movie is about a schizophrenic who could hurt people if not medicated. He sees patterns where most do not. This is perfect to brainwash the public into believing these mental issues exist, when they do not. Thus when people of good intellect see the evil going on,figure out the symbols & plans etc they are ‘a paranoid Schizophrenic ‘ These gangstalking tactics are not new they have many similarities to Stassi tactics in the communist countries in the old days.

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